Popular Graduate Gifts: Ceremonial Leis and Tropical Flower Arrangements

Hawaiian leis are well-known to everyone around the world. Despite what many tourists may believe, these floral accessories were not designed just to welcome people to the islands. They are a symbol of respect and affection that are a part of many ceremonies that occur around the state. One of the ceremonies where leis are traditionally handed out is during graduation. Many residents appreciate this beautiful touch that helps to keep Hawaiian traditions alive.

Flowers are not always a common item seen at withouraloha.com around the United States. Some parents may give their daughter a bouquet after their ceremony, but it is not necessarily a tradition or custom. In Hawaii, the lei offers a beautiful touch that is very meaningful to those that participate in the ceremony. The gift is considered to be a symbol of the graduate leaving behind their childhood and moving on to a new journey in their life. When leis are used for the purpose of giving to another they should always contain genuine, fresh flowers for the ultimate in respect, beauty, and luxury.


There is no specific flower that must be used for this type of ceremony, but many schools will choose leis made from blooms that are in the school colors. This makes the lei a personalized keepsake with even deeper meaning for the individual graduate. Only the freshest flowers are used because they are made a day or two in advance in preparation for the ceremony and they must be fresh to avoid any wilting before or during the ceremony. Intricately designed leis are available from the top suppliers and the most popular traditional flowers like orchids are used.

Parents will often purchase the leis on their own when the school is not offering this type of presentation for their students. There are many designs to choose from and each person can select any flower or color that has meaning for them. Not every parent orders leis for their graduate but decides to reward them with other beautiful floral arrangements. All of these options are available from local floral companies like With Our Aloha. They offer the most popular tropical flowers in a stunning array of colors and designs. Whether purchasing for one person or more, there are a number of ways the blooms can be used. Loose flowers are also available for people who want to make their own leis or arrangements or use decoratively in any other way. Graduation time is one of the busiest times for floral shops, so people are always reminded to place their orders early.